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Engine Type Operations Support Engines and Modules Comprehensive Parts Repair Quick Turn Operation
Rolls-Royce - Trent 700

TS&S Aerospace is the only independent Trent 700 Overhaul base in the world that is SABRe approved, the most stringent quality audit performed by Rolls-Royce. We have focused on modular split and repair since 2012 and continued to increase the volume of engines repaired year after year in line with predicted growth.

In March 2014, we obtained full overhaul capability, achieving targets set internally and in conjunction with Rolls-Royce, including releasing engines with fleet leading EGT margins. TS&S Aerospace will become the Middle East regional overhaul base for the Trent XWB which is a critical part of our future.

Engine Type Operations Support Engines and Modules Comprehensive Parts Repair Quick Turn Operation
GE90 (QEC)

Through our partnership with GE, we are one of only two independent GEnx overhaul bases in the world to date. The overhaul base is fully GE-audited and approved, and a sub-contractor to GE for global quick turn support.

TS&S Aerospace continues to be the only licensed GEnx repair station in the Middle East and one of five worldwide. The GEnx Hospital Shop Visit capability was achieved and today we continue to expand our experience and customer base, supported implicitly by GE.

Full GEnx overhaul capability is expected in 2018, including tier one supplier of manufactured parts.

In addition to the GEnx capability, we continue to overhaul our legacy product, the CF6-80C2 engines. We hold as much as 80 percent of in house repair capability, which we have built through our comprehensive history.

Most recently, Mubadala and GE announced a joint venture (JV) that will establish a dedicated GEnx parts logistics center through TS&S at the Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park.  The JV will expand our current GEnx capabilities and demonstrates our position as leading maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider for GEnx in the world. 

Engine Type Operations Support Engines and Modules Comprehensive Parts Repair Quick Turn Operation
IAE – V2500

TS&S Aerospace’s partnership with International Aero Engines (IAE) includes our accreditation as a   fully approved IAE Overhaul Base – the only repair facility in the Middle East region, which is also a sub-contractor to IAE for numerous global customers.

To date, we have repaired a significant number of engines, both third party and as a subcontractor for IAE and are continuing to expand our base load providing increased year on year experience.

In January 2013, we obtained complete airworthiness approvals with key regulatory agencies such as the FAA, EASA and GCAA.

We have been able to increase piece part repair capability, having completed more than 50 percent of accessible repairs to date and have an approved aggressive, yet achievable plan for the remaining repairs to be substantiated over the next two years.

In addition to our increasing capability, we have signed comprehensive agreements with all of the major OEM-approved suppliers for repairs that are not available to TS&S Aero or other MROs.

We offer flexible, price effective solutions providing competitive turnaround times and EGT margins through utilizing our strategic supplier base and consignment stock concept.

Engine Type Operations Support Engines and Modules Comprehensive Parts Repair Quick Turn Operation

With a heritage from 1994 our PT6A & PT6T overhaul capability includes engine and reduction gearbox overhaul and repair.

We have significant experience in the PT6 market and have repaired or overhauled more than 100 engines since 2012, including PT6 A, PT6 T Power sections and PT6 T Rotor Gearboxes. We provide solutions to civil, military customers, government and non-government operators, including full support, not to exceed and fixed price arrangements. 

The Special Processes Department (SPD) is a fast growing organizational unit within TS&S. We offer extensive facilities and ever-growing specialized services to the world’s commercial aviation industry, as well as the industrial and military industries.

With more almost 30 years of accumulated professional services, the SPD facility has a total area of approximately 3,500 square meters and more than 60 experienced and highly-qualified staff headed by a senior manager.

The SPD offers quick turnaround times and high quality work expected from the aviation industry at the most competitive prices available. It is part of an approved organization (ATSS) certified by many leading international aviation authorities including the FAA, EASA, UAE-GCAA, etc., which permits us to undertake repair of parts and components of aircraft engines mentioned above.

We offer an extensive range of services and support with rework capabilities in advanced and hi-tech overhauling, repairing or fabricating individual parts and components of aviation and industrial turbine engines (e.g., GE CF6-80C2, GE90-100, GEnx-1B/-2B, RB211-Trent 700, IAE V2500, PT6A/T, Rolls Royce Avon) and Trent industrial engines and military engines (e.g., GE CT7-9C, T700-701C, F-110 and Snecma M2000 engines).

We provide repair services for aircraft parts (e.g., B767, B737, A340, A330, A320, A300,; fabrication and repair of aircraft and engine tooling. All of our work is carried out with high standards in accordance to OEM standard practices and approved company procedures.

Work requirements usually come from various internal shops within TS&S Aerospace and external customers, such as Etihad Airways Engineering, TS

TS&S Industrial, AMMROC, Oil & Gas companies, etc.

Every shop within the SPD is equipped with a range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified repair processes, adhering to the latest international Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) standards.

The variety of repair processes available, provides clients with the flexibility to select the best outcome for their requirements, whilst delivering greater value and return.

Plasma Shop:

State of the art fully robotic multi-coat thermal spray system capable of providing thick coatings protecting parent structures from corrosion, erosion or wear. The plasma coating process associated with machining process can be applied to restore the subject part to its original dimensions.

Shop capabilities:

High Velocity Oxi-fuel (HVOF)
Atmospheric Plasma Spray
Flame Powder Spray
Flame Wire Spray

Heat Treatment:

Supporting the repair or manufacturing of engines and aircraft parts, the heat-treatment shop is equipped with ovens, a furnace and local heat-treatment tools.

Shop capabilities:

Vacuum furnace vertical chamber (48”x54” with 1315 C. temp.)
Local heat-treatment equipment
Air-circulation ovens (up to 700C. Temp)

Machine Shop:

The machine shop provides restoration or manufacturing of engine/airframe parts and rotating assemblies in-house through precision machining and grinding to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and/or customer's specifications. Additionally, it can manufacture specialty tools, fixtures and custom components when needed.

Shop capabilities:

CNC Milling Machines (5-axis and 3-axis)
CNC VTL Machines
CNC High Speed Blade Tip Grinder
Conventional Milling Machines
Conventional Boring Machine
Conventional Lathe Machines
Surface Grinding Machine
Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Radial Drilling Machine
Conventional VTL Machines
CNC EDM machine

Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning:

The chemical and mechanical cleaning shop provides processing lines for various chemicals and abrasive applications necessary to prepare items, disassembled parts or components prior to other processes like NDT, bench inspection, and machining. It complies with all SHE requirements and based on the most recognized aviation standards.

Shop capabilities: 

Alkaline Descaling
Carbon & Rust Removing
Paint Stripping
Abrasive Blasting: wet & dry
Steam Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Swab Etching
Borescope Cleaning

Surface Preparation Processes:

In addition to a fully robotic shot-Peening machine with capacity that can handle three cubic meters volume, the surface preparation shop is equipped with many fixed and portable machines to do surface finishes either at the base or in-situ.

Shop capabilities: 

Vibro Polishing
Swab Etching

Sheet-Metal shop:

The sheet-metal shop restores engine and composite parts and assemblies through precision sheet metal work to OEM's and/or customer's specifications. The shop is equipped with various tools and equipment: air drills, foot operated sheers, Riveting gun, roll formers, pedestal grinder, sanding belts and brake bending machine.

Composite Shop:

The composite shop is specialized in engine composite repairs and equipped with various machines and tools: air drills, hot bonder, vacuum-bag system, digital scales and recalculating oven.

Plating Shop:

The plating shop provides a variety of plating processes in accordance with the latest international standards and adhering to all SHE requirements. The shop was developed to comply with Rolls Royce, GE, Pratt & Whitney, IAE, Boeing and Airbusoverhaul practices. Many metals and alloys can be plated, from steel and titanium alloys to aluminum and brass; either for preventive or decoration purposes.

Shop capabilities: 

Hard Chrome Plating
Silver Plating
Cadmium Plating : Bright , LHE and Stylus
Black Oxidizing
Sulphuric acid anodizing: plain or colored
Chromic acid anodizing: plain or colored
Conversion coatings

Bench Inspection Shop:

The bench inspection shop has the capability to undertake visual and precision inspection, issue repair plans and perform final inspection and certify all repaired parts. This area is extensively equipped with a wide range and variety of precision measuring instruments and equipment to perform detailed dimensional inspection techniques of different range of aircraft and engine parts.

CMM Machine:

The CMM machine is a state-of-the-art 3D coordinate-measuring machine capable of taking precise measurements of complex contours of repaired or manufactured parts.

Non-Destructive Testing:

The non-destructive testing shop is capable to carry out many methods of testing either in house or in situ to support customers at their facility.

Shop capabilities:

Liquid Penetrant Inspection
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Eddy Current Inspection
Radiographic Inspection

Metallurgical Laboratory:

Special Process quality control checks on samples & components
Heat treatment samples (Alpha case, Martensitic structures, etc.)
Thermal sprayed coating (Porosity, Voids, Bond strength, etc.)
Electron beam Welded Samples (Macro, Penetration, etc.)
Microstructural evaluation (e.g., Gamma prime in turbine blades )
Alloy Identification
Mechanical tests, e.g. tensile, bend tests, hardness test both micro & macro and RSL hydrogen embrittlement
MCD Debris monitoring & evaluation
Failure analysis (Aircraft & Engine Components )
Welders Qualifications Tests

Chemical Laboratory:

Analysis of Chemicals
Process control of cleaning, plating other chemical processes.
Microbiological fuel contamination tests
Preparation of chemicals for shops
Standardization of chemical process
Coating thickness evaluation

TS&S Aerospace provides maintenance, repair and overhauls (MRO) services for a wide range of aircraft engines including turboprop, turbo shaft, as well as medium and high thrust turbofans installed on a variety of aircraft such as Airbus A330, A320,A310/A300, Boeing 787,767 and 747, Augusta Bell 212/412, as well as other light aircraft.

TS&S Aerospace offers flexible and tailor-made solutions across the spectrum of engine maintenance for either single shop visit or long term “Power-by-the-Hour” arrangements to meet customer requirements.

Engine Type Operations Support Engines and Modules Comprehensive Parts Repair Quick Turn Operation
General Electric
Rolls Royce
Pratt & Whitney
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