Total Turbine Package Solutions

Working in alliance with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and associated specialist companies, TS&S Industrial brings to the market complete and comprehensive solutions for gas turbine driven packages both at the EPC stage and into the operational phase.

Building on our traditional area of expertise in gas turbines, we have added complimentary capabilities to allow TS&S Industrial to provide an integrated approach for “Green Field” and “Brown Field” projects that yield improved quality, reliability, and availability with cost savings.

By focusing on life cycle cost through Long Term Service Agreements that are tailored to customers’ needs, the cost of the operations can be more effectively managed.

For existing installations, TS&S Industrial offers an alternative approach focusing on the total package and “balance of life” cost management. The older and less efficient packages can be retrofitted, modernized and upgraded to renew their useful life.

The scope of services available includes:

Alternator repair and factory support
Compressors revamps, upgrades and repairs
Control system support including retrofits
Driven load controls
Fuel systems upgrades
Field instrumentation
Instrumentation upgrades
Vibration monitoring
Fire and gas protection
Excitation and voltage regulation

TS&S Industrial provides a flexible range of solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.